Kai Lenny

Kai is an accomplished surfer, kite boarder, long distance paddler, standup paddler, tow surfer and canoe surfer, and has been credited with helping to breathe new life into windsurfing, a sport whose popularity is flagging in the U.S. A classic waterman by accomplishment, in age, Kai is just a kid. By the time he was 8, he had hooked up with legendary windsurfer and pioneer Robbie Naish. With his tiny stature, Kai was able to give vital feedback that led to smaller sail and board design.

Not many people can count the grueling 32-mile paddleboard race from Molokai to Oahu as an accomplishment. A challenge of mental fitness and physical stamina against the whims of the open ocean, this race is the playground of the world's elite water athletes. Kai's done it five times.

Back on dry land, Kai has been dabbling in art, design and filmmaking - all hobbies that he's been able to incorporate into his riding. In the upcoming sequel to his first film, The Windsurfing Movie, Kai will not only be one of the stars, but he'll be working behind the scenes with music, scenes, and the script. As for his future goals, in the short term he wants to win a major event in each of his disciplines. But mostly, "I just want to keep having fun, take it in stride," Kai says.