Travis Pastrana

Over the years, the name Travis Pastrana has become synonymous with the X Games, freestyle and extreme motorsport in general. In fact, Travis is so entrenched in the world of the X Games, he is some way responsible for inventing the whole genre.

He has a raft of world records under his belt, competes in multiple disciplines, is renowned for pushing the envelope and is the man behind many a new trick, particularly in motocross freestyle where he performed the first Rodeo 720 in competition. Travis has also had a career of firsts, starting in 1999 when he won the first ever X Games in California.

Since then he has wowed the crowds and earned his peers' respect by constantly pushing the boundaries of what is deemed possible on two and four wheels. His unique talent makes him not only an athlete, but a pioneer of the sport he excels in - conjuring up new tricks and smashing previous records at almost every event. Travis has had his fair share of injuries and failed attempts along the way but without his bravery, creativity and sheer talent, the X Games would not be the incredible, internationally renowned sporting spectacle that they are today.